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Keep Track On Your Keys Before You Become Keyless And Locked Out Of Home

So many times we have misplaced this tiny object and gone on for hours finding it. It’s frustrating when you can’t keep track of your car keys and house keys. To resolve this problem we have brought some awesome lifesaving hacks for you.

Have a separate place to store them

Main reason why we lose them is because we leave them in different places at home. Sometimes in the drawer, in your pockets, in jars, etc. and it’s truly troublesome to wake up in the morning and find out once again they are playing hide and seek with us. Instead, have a safe place to keep them: a place where everybody can remember and safe from outsiders. Also if you are changing places let everyone know that as well. By this we can prevent wasting time in the morning and reduce the chances of becoming keyless. If you are storing them in a jar make sure you label them as “keys” so everyone knows what’s inside it.

Have spare ones as well

Get a locksmith Adelaide Eastern suburbs in your area to do this job for you. It’s never too late to cut spare keys to all your rooms and main doors and even your vehicle. Even when you badly can’t find where you kept them or someone else in your family has taken it, you can rely on these keys. It’s important that both parents in the house have the house keys with them especially if they come after work during different courses of the day. Label them or put up a mark so you can identify them.

Keep them in a bunch

Especially your home keys can be kept as a bunch. Furthermore you can several bunches like room keys in one bunch, door keys in one and bathroom keys in another bunch. It would make things easier and have a tag to show which bunch it is. These are simple ideas for you if you seriously have a problem with keys.

Find for new gadgets to keep them safe

There are small plastic tiles which you can tag with the key to remember which door it is used for. Also be amazed that there are mobile apps for you to keep track on them. Search your Apple App store and Android store for all these free apps. Also there are many gadgets for cost effective prices in the market for your keys. If you can’t find them in your local stores check online and place your order now. Amazon and eBay have a range of items for all these little objects, to help you keep track on them.