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Increase Customer Loyalty In Hotels By Serving Them Better

Hotels are an integral part of the hospitality business. Hence the more warm and welcome you make a guest feel, the better are the chances of his revisiting the hotel. In fact, a happy customer will also bring along a few more by recommending the service of your hotel to friends, family and colleagues. Just as good service is remembered, even a small untoward incident too stays in the mind for a long time. Care must thus be taken to ensure such incidents do not happen in the presence of guests.

Since hotels mostly come with ducted air conditioning and seem like a cool refuge in hot weather, guests look forward to a pleasant stay there. For a guest the first impression starts with feeling the warmth of the welcome and the pleasant coolness of the central air conditioner.

Hence care must be taken to ensure that the best ducted air conditioning is functioning properly to its maximum capacity at all times. In case of any problem, it must be sorted out immediately and if it persists, guests must be informed and alternate arrangements made for them. This type of personalized touch is remembered for a long time.

Ways to keep a customer happy

Other ways to keep a customer happy in hotels are given below. These are time tested methods which can never go wrong.

• Since first impressions matter a lot, the registration and check-ins must be carried out swiftly. The guest should be escorted up to his room preferably with a welcome drink ready to be served in the room. Allowing internet check-ins is a good option that can be explored to facilitate this point.

• Any requests made by the guests must be attended as fast as possible irrespective of the nature of service requested. For a more personalized approach, internet check-ins can be used to note down the preferences of the guest and service provided accordingly. This makes the guest feel very special to know that he will get his favourite cup of tea made just the way he likes it without even requesting for it.

• It is mandatory for the hotel staff to be pleasant and polite even if the same is not being reciprocated by the guest. In fact such unwavering politeness can help resolve many an unpleasant situation. Also the hotel staff should be a bit flexible so as to be able to accommodate reasonable requests made by the guests. It should always be remembered that the way an irate guest is handled, is a direct measure of the effectiveness of your customer policies.

• Asking for an honest feedback from the guests is a good way of judging your competency. Also any feedback received should be incorporated into the system and worked upon so that services can be improved further down the line.